Fish soup
Gnocchi with smoked salmon 300g
Fish plate for two 1100g
Octopus 280g
Tuna steak 320g
Steak in red wine and blueberry sauce 320g
Beef steak PEPE NERO 320g
Apple pie 200g
Omelette 280g
Scrambled eggs 280g
Montenegrin breakfast 350g
Avocado benedict 300g
Poached eggs 280g
Poached eggs royal 280g
Homemade prosciutto and cheese 280g
A selection of cheeses 280g
Homemade olives 100g
Burger 300g
Cheeseburger 320g
Tuna tartare 200g
Beef carpaccio 200g
Caprese 250g
Octopus salad bokelian style 280g
White risotto 320g
Black risotto 320g
Pasta with vegetables 300g
Pasta with chicken and cherry tomatoes 300g
Squids 320g
Sea bass in parchment paper 320g
Steak with flavored butter 340g
Beef Stroganoff 350g
Rumpsteak 350g
Caprese chicken 350g
King sandwich
Croissant 150g
Parmigiana 360g
Mediterranean salad 300g
Greek salad 280g
Salmon PEPE NERO 320g
Cake of the day 200g
Mona cake 150g
Pasta arabiata 270g
Mussels bokelian style 500g